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Governor DeWine Signs Bill that Strengthens Distracted Driving Laws

By January 9, 2023Personal Insurance

Have you ever noticed an important text come through while you’re driving?  We all have.  Have you ever wanted to look up some information on the web, while driving?  Again, we all have.  Unfortunately, there is a clear correlation between distracted driving and accident frequency.  

That’s why Governor DeWine just passed a bill that makes the use of cell phones and other electronic communication devices, while driving, a primary traffic offense. The bill was passed in an effort to reduce auto accidents & save lives.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported a study where drivers were continuously monitored for one year. The drivers who spent the greatest amount of their driving time interacting with a cellphone also had the highest rates of crashes & near crashes.  

We have seen amazing advances in technologies over the years.  Technologies that give us a world of information at our fingertips and the ability to communicate immediately with anyone.  We have all benefited from the latest-greatest technologies.  But, when it comes to driving, using these technologies is a proven distraction that can cause accidents & even deaths. 

Stay safe on the road! 

Governor DeWine Signs Bill that Strengthens Distracted Driving Laws in Ohio | Governor Mike DeWine